Rates and Services

Clients are expected to pay for their session in full prior to the start of the appointment. Clients are welcome to pay for their session via the website secure payment system, or by cash. Cash paying customers will be required to bring exact change to their appointment as Shelton Counseling does not keep cash on hand for making change. Personal checks, Venmo, PayPal and other means of electronic payments cannot be accepted as this could compromise the client’s right to confidentiality.
Shelton Counseling does not bill to, reimburse, or accept insurance of any kind at this time.

Individual Counseling

Counseling sessions for one person are available in-person. Virtual accommodations by request.

Individual Initial Intake (90 minutes): $150
Individual Counseling (50 minutes): $100

Couples Counseling

Counseling sessions for couples are available in-person only. The term “Couple” is not limited to heterosexual, married, couples. Couples of ALL types are welcome.

Couples Initial Intake (90 minutes): $200
Couples Counseling (90 minutes): $160

Family Counseling

Counseling sessions for families are available in-person only and are limited to 4 persons maximum at this time due to space constraints. The term “Family” is not limited to heterosexual, married, child-rearing families. Families of ALL types (even chosen family) are welcome.

Family Initial Intake (120 minutes): $250
Family Counseling (90 minutes): $200

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